Frontline Ambulance Services


We provide dedicated and fully-equipped medical ambulances to cater for patient emergencies and focus on the individual’s needs. Crewed by state-registered Paramedics and IHCD Technicians depending on the patient’s requirements. This resource is deployed to every type of call including GP Referrals and 999 calls.


Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)
Our RRVs are purpose converted and fully equipped estate cars they are creweFrontline Ambulance Servicesd by state-registered Paramedics or appropriate Technicians according to requirements. This resource is deployed to the most life threatening emergency calls in order to deliver life-saving emergency response as quickly as possible.


A&E support
Every day, across the East of England, Meditransport Ambulance Service supports the NHS to ensure that anyone urgently requiring medical care or urgent transfer to Accident and Emergency receives it.


A&E Discharge Service
We can help you cut you’re A&E waiting and discharge times by providing you with additional patient transport support. We can supply a dedicated discharge vehicle to help transport patients so beds can be released more quickly to ensure your Emergency Department meet waiting time targets.






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