Private Ambulance Transfers

If you require a Private Ambulance in Norfolk or to any destination across the East of England, Meditransport Ambulance Service offer a Private transfer service.
A private transfer can be from a residential address, a nursing home or a hospital. Unfortunately the NHS can not cover every patient transfer in the UK meaning on frequent occasions individuals seek out a service to transport themselves or their loved ones via an Ambulance, Wheelchair Car or Medicar.

Meditransport Ambulance Service offer a caring solution through this often difficult time. We are aware that booking an ambulance isn’t something that most people do on a day to day basis so we have supplied a list of Frequently Asked Questions to hopefully answer some of those questions for you.

If you do need a private transfer please call us on 07824 832911 (office hours) or 07581 665745 (out of hours) to discuss your requirements and for us to give you a no obligation quote.


Q: Do I need a private ambulance or can I use an NHS service?

A: If you are unsure as to whether or not you need a private service please ask your GP or local hospital.

Q: Can I travel with my relative or friend in the ambulance?

A: We encourage a relative or friend to travel with the patient to make this difficult time an easier experience. All we ask is that when booking the ambulance that you let us know.

Q: Can I take any luggage with me?

A: Within reason this is no problem, please let us know if you wish to take a suitcase with you when you book the ambulance.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: That will depend on the amount of time the transfer takes and how far we need to transfer the patient. We will be able to provide you with a quote if you call us on 07824 832911 (office hours) or 07581 665745 (out of hours) or e-mail info AT medi-transport DOT

Q: How do I pay?

A: You would be posted an invoice after the transfer and then you can pay us by putting a cheque in the post (made payable to Meditransport Ambulance Service Ltd), by bank transfer (details are on the invoice).

Q: What if the patient needs picking up from an upstairs bedroom or a difficult to access location?

A: We pride ourselves on being able to help the patient transfer to the ambulance in a safe and dignified manner however challenging the first few metres of the journey are. We would always ask you to explain any such difficulties when booking the ambulance as we may be required to bring more equipment or staff to help with the transfer.

Q: What other information will you need?

A: When you ring to book the ambulance we will ask you for the patients name, pick up and final destination post codes, some information regarding the patient’s health, whether or not the patient requires a stretcher or is travelling by wheel chair, whether or not they require oxygen and finally if there are any access problems at either the pick up location or final destination.

Q: Would we be able to use you to attend hospital, doctor or dentist appointments?

A: Yes.

Q: When attending private appointments to hospital, doctors or dentist, while at the appointment do you go and do other work?

A: No when an ambulance or car is booked privately it is yours for the duration of the booking.

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